Spektah Gadjo

by Ghostown

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Four years after Reflectionz completion, get ready to meet Spektah Gadjo, Mister Glum and the French Seamen among others.
Again taking hip hop into experimental directions, from traditionally moody to balkan boom bap, frippeno discordances to waitsy woods


released February 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Ghostown France

A rare breed of Hip Hop inspired by balkan riffs, Tom Waits, Eno-Bryne-Fripperies , 90s Rap, uk squelchiness

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Track Name: Following People
Hush your talkie walkie, No use getting stroppy
Your styles a carbon copy, kinda sloppy
Change your hobby, your mister big nobody
You sing with no melody, See you trying to stop me
Chop your head like Jabberwocky,
Seeing what your good for, put two sugars in my coffee
Blow you Nagasaki
Leave you on the floor like the General Gadafi
Its that uprising, appetising, roll you up into an Indian chapati
Came back to push your button
Its that lamb dressed as mutton
Im sick from all your strutting
Just copy paste and cutting
Regurgitate the radio, play to win ratio
Let the majors say so, make the rappers say Yo
Cheers son, heres to your health, now get the wealth
And shed a tear son, Heres to the past, and to the future
Very fearsome, fabulous adventures, unpretentious
Not too wearisome, let me hear some

Actions speak louder than words
Throw my flowers to the curb
Now my powers are all blurred
My life follows the path of the curve
I sit back and observe
Like im waiting to be served
Thats what gets on your nerves
Theres nothing left to talk about
High time for walking out
Pulling all the stops out
Out throwing rocks about
Decline your invitation
I got no conversation
My hobby's an occupation
Silent in creation
Talk is cheap, the small talk delete
Knocking out my teeth, talking in my sleep
Who you educating, my method your berating
Always underrating, every word your slating
My concrete momentum, cement my commentum
Letters though I sent them
Words I invent them
Passing through two languages
compensate the damages
My brains wrapped in bandages
Thick like a cabbage is
The sick law of averages
Burning all my bridges
Ragged with ridges
Empty like my fridge is
Now theres nothing left to say
You go on talking anyway
Just to pass the time of day
You should pass the line away
Track Name: The Unstoppable French Seamen
Tis Incredible, since times medieval
Deez girls are edible, Jolie Julie Jezebel
No 'appy, beh vas y gueule
Make 'er scream decibel
Girls say my breath smell
But zey like me, i can tell

Unstoppable French seamen
came across the ocean gleaming
Awash with social demons
Making women taste their creamings
Black and white stripes,
Its the type who like fights,
Who will stab you with a baguette
Walk away with no regret

Lord save me
Wheres my lady
Save my baby
From the French navy

I Speet in your general direction
If you 'ave no objection
I sheet on your collection
Of bifstek and gravy
You people are fucking crazy,
No sun on your beaches
I come to tame your beetches with riches

Causing commotion,
Cussing crossing every ocean
As they put the wheels in motion
Making milky magic potion
Like asterix and obelix
Dastard mix to catch the chics
Master Dicks gotta a bag of tricks
Attack the Picts with faster ships


Looking for ze young ones
Destroy zere onions
Its a froggy vengeance
Do what zey dont want
French Hospitality
Treat you like royalty
Take you to my bed, Zen uh off with your head
Dont like it when ze rosbif come into my village
I piss in zere coffee and i spit in zere visage
Ask me for directions, i say i not understand
Take your ass around and go back to your angleland

So come on people sober up
Your people hold a shoulder shrug
Your welfare system doled it up
And now your young play hold em up
Your immigrants are residents
French by all evidence
People are all dissidents
Dont listen to the president
Water is for rabbits, y'all got alcoholic habits
When the shit really happens
Go to church on the Sabbath,
I'll go home for a cuppa, or a fish and chip supper,
You might here me mutter,
You froggy Muthafuckas

Track Name: Virus From Mars
Now I must testify, when im gona die
I dont wanna be buried, I dont wanna be fried
With a roll of 2 dice, lets see, wouldn't it be nice
Forget about your worries, put your parents on ice
Bodies left frozen, hoping to be chosen
For the future clones, lets say just supposing
Corpse re-animated, old skin laminated
brains cultivated, but your veins didnt make it
imagine the ramifications of zombified nations
digging up the cemeteries, looking for foreign territories
Colonise the skies, with clones of your eyes
bones of your thighs just rest in demise
Im a virus from Mars, you can catch me in bars
I do seminars, with electric guitars
im proton, your electron, I wrote on my next song
my DNA original, from analogue to digital


estimate, the damage done let the
rest debate, keeps going and it
escalates, not knowing how to
regulate, no way that you can

In the garden of Adam and DaNA
Scientist crusaders, miniature alien invaders
foreign bacterias in hospital cafeterias
the public are gearing the general hysteria
deep vents in the sea, prevent me to see
the origin of “to be”, but im forging beliefs
with Elvis in a cell, decomposing aswell,
proposing to sell, to a spectre clientele
at the heartbreak hotel, his pelvic thrust
burst into atomic dust, left me nonplussed
break open the elements, to resuscitate the elephants
from another era, whilst extinction draws nearer
pictures drawn clearer in laboratories in Geneva
subterranean chambers, creating power rangers
human race supplanted, with no further trees planted
development was granted, cos the government were bandits.
Track Name: Earnith Toasteth
Started getting fed up, and no longer wished to get up
when I was an adolescent, had spots like a leopard
So run from the leper, its the jungle dub stepper
Shuffle feet like sheep, so just follow the shepherd
To the slaughterhouse, horrors never thought about
Dream of walking out, but the sirens caught you out
Too many creds, expensive overheads
And the skins that I shed, dont get me extra bread
So give me that toast, I pay you back by the post
This time next year, I should be working 10 loaves
yeast and my flour, I will shower you with both
Steady making pizza bases, its the rising of the dough

Heres a toast to you man, eat bread every day,
get dough by the grand, it'll send you away
Most of these cats dont know the time of day
Lets roast these slices in a capital way.

Smelly smoked kipper, snatched from the jaws of flipper
Im the chef and the waiter , im a generous tipper
With fresh sliced tomato, olive oil avocado
And Greek feta cheese, , wont be poisoned by my enemies
Dont go to the restaurant to be restored
At the table ten minutes, still being ignored
When finally my over priced beer is poured
Im deadly bored, and my patience is flawed
Complained about the service so they spit in your roll
And the first course cost a whole week on the dole
Had to undercut them with the bread and peanut butter
Cos the price of the menu at the venue made me shudder

Track Name: Kely le Message
Long are the days where man was amazed
with his eyes in a hole in the black, black
closing the shows, cos he knows how it goes
was attacked in the place where he sat, sat
back on the throne, all alone, unknown
cos they found another bone in the sea,, sea
deciphering the code, cos the road unloads
as it glowed and it showed who we be, be
down the genetics, synthetic, poetic
kinetic, phonetic, till it breaks, breaks,
through your steely stare, do you really care
are you human cos you know how to take, take?

Drop bombs on Sadam, its the silence of the lambs
give a damn, did you get what you want, want?
Cos there's oil in the soil, and the temperatures boil
and the royals get rich of some one, one
from silver to gold, the gold was sold
behold your holding paper, paper
piece of a pie chart, start with a lie
at the heart it was part of the caper, caper
mortgage on the road, children in toe
go slow, or they'll get you in a squeeze, squeeze
waiting for the day, when your playing away
go astray and your capital freeze freeze

Man is the fox, the wolf in the box
don't trust cos there's lust in the gaze, gaze
sly is the eye, that can lie and deny
man can die in so many ways, ways
brief is the thief, that leaves you in grief
no relief till your steeped in vengeance, vengeance
slim is the sin, sting never win
re begin, history never ending, ending
charmed by to arms, too many arms
your armed, alarm bells ringing, ringing
make no mistake, the fate awaits
hate or create, what you bringing, bringing?
Track Name: Boat To Stalingrad
Got my mouth watering, the thought got me dribbling
gotta microphone so ought to be gibbering
Playing these keys like a violin fiddling
Tying up words, just occurred when im riddling
Stirred up lemon curd in a memory
Made a toast to that sandwich tenderly
Wondering, calling up all and sundry
As I pick these fruits so abundantly
Growing, dont miss a trick as I pick the ship to
Stow in, whatever direction the wind is
Blowing, never knowing but I kept on
Flowing and showing and stowing everything I know and...

Vodka, had a sip and had to have some more
On the boat to Stalin gotta long way to go
Now I got an oar, and I got to row
On the boat to Stalin gotta long way to go

Back with the second, dont do 3 verses
Tucked in the kennel where the old dog perches
Clutching on the bottle that the captain searches
Passing where the beast from the deep sea lurches
That can be bad, success is a stress but it can be had
Stoke broke on the boat of to Stalingrad
Dont speak the lingo, but thats no thing no
Handicap, Salute these flutes, brut riffs in my roots
As I wet my boots in a clarinet soup
Stomp and I stoop, troop dodge and I shoot
Very mercenary in a military coup
She said if I continue ill be dead if not ruined
Heading double Dutch, now im readily fluent
Gave me a shove and tried to show me a shoeing
See storm clouds brewing, so im heading back crewing..

Track Name: Know Thy Neighbour
So i moved out to the country
So peacefull so comfy
But the locals wanna hunt me
When i walk with no company
They could inbred me backwards
Running out in the backwoods
Seen too many late night thrillers
When i look around all i see is killers
They got me

Been watching my neighbour,
he mumbles, he slavours
i see strange behaviour
he comes home he labours
and every night he zig zags
with three full black bin bags
i wonder what holds them
to the car boot he throws them

Got locked out, no keys uh
had me in for a beer and a pizza
seemed like he was a nice geezer
body parts hidden in his freezer
now im running in the cold forest
theres a chorus of boris
calling the florist
bring flowers to my tomb in the mornest
Track Name: Hat Stand
Come on heathens, time for reason
Whos believing, time for leaving
Im bereaving, summer season
heavy breathing, as you pleasing
What you seeing, Human beings?
Not sure?, Im agreeing
That door, red and green
Image gore, needing cleaning
Every Minute, come the hour
Hands sweaty, tasting sour
Feeling ready, make you cower
That face, looking dour
Shes my flower, come a row,
Take my power, Break my tower
Dont let, she devour
Dont fret, wont allow her

Getting Seedy, now they coming
Now they see me, and im running
Heartbeat, steady drumming,
Yellow teeth, biting something
At work, see them smoking
Evil laugh, hear them joking
Hypocrites, cat stroking
This is it, cat choking
Dirty fingers, in their nose
Do they wash? Who knows
Oh my gosh! Deadly foes
Blood stains, on their clothes
Dont complain, be my friend
Its a shame, he pretend
Hes to blame, cant amend
Get slain, in the end
Track Name: Mister Glum
Im blind by the light, im high as a kite
55 kilos is still kinda light
and 5ft 7 is no kinda height
as long as im driven, ill make it through the night
roaming through the darkness like my hearts Tony starkest
the night starless, is my future star kissed
I wander from the bar pissed, got a track with a harpist,
just a jingle in my brain, but ill bring it all the same
these words cant contain, but im contained in these words
and the message is blurred, but its simple to be heard
picked up the shovel, the shovel and the pick
im level in my shit, I struggle and I slip
my family just packed cos my tactics just lacked
thought I might slip through crack but ill have them right back
I been singing many moons, Put my glooms over tombs
when the phantom resumes, it d be wise to assume
That I rise with the sun, and all that lies with the sun
on the run id be dumb, but id slum number one
a rumble in my tum, a dark glass of rum (dark)
my whisky boats rockingg, my l'eau de vie's come
its so to be glum, im slow to be fun
id throw the hope, row the boat , just to be done
to the path that I clung, when im 30 years young
a gather up the crumbs, in the haunts where I hung
my hum drum, heart drum, lung, leave you stung
so just take a toke, and pass to someone
some will succumb and be solved by the sum
so just take a toke, and pass to someone

Stuck in the groove of a halftime blues
but I got nothing to loose , so loosen my shoes
my fingers tap the ivories, she had a sly eye for these,
read my mind like libraries, diagnosed, my disease
no matter what I believe, I leave on a fresh note,
hunger gettin steely, capellinni green pesto
my appetite grows, like dynamite blows
in a stalagmite pose, where I saddle my woes
raggamuffin clothes, the muffin man knows
im plucking banjos, and stuffing down my prose
I fish the flies out my wine but im not one to wine
about lifes slow decline, sometimes I rewind
benign , philanthropic, sunshine in the tropics,
dance round the topic of the beat when they drop it
and my throats giving in, from this life its living in
but I found a magic ointment, need a wife to rub it in
so thanks for stopping in, now its time to be snugging in
my worlds a rugged inn,but thats where my love begins
welcome to my reality, southern hospitality
get your feet tapping like a hereditary malady
its so to be glum, im slow to be fun
id throw the hope, row the boat ,just to be done
to the path that I clung, when im 30 years young
a gather up the crumbs, in the haunts where I hung
my hum drum, heart drum, lung, leave you stung
so just take a toke, and pass to someone
some will succumb and be solved by the sum
so just take a toke, and pass to someone

Track Name: Breton Spook Dub
I circle the huddle and tackle debate
The bass that wobbles, the shack that I shake
The case I take, and gamble a stake
The worst that can happen, I step on a rake
Went out of the door, to juggle an oar
Fell into the water and struggle ashore
This is my ship so welcome aboard
Come to the bar and guzzle some more
Typical sympathy, what you gona give to me
Keeping me company, working abundantly
People affronting me, what you gone done to me
Have to be blunt to be blunt ...cunt!
Bashing my brains, deliver the pain
Mashing membranes, deliver the gain,
Flashing the frames, playing the game
Burning in flames, claiming the claim
Certainly getting me hot and its hitting me
Suitably fittingly, maybe off-written me
Flatter me smitten me, fleetingly bitterly
Hickory dickory dock...cock!
I came to point my pen at your brain,
Make you move a little bit strange

Twisting the knife, sick of the life
Sick of the strife and the house and the wife
Sick of the dog, sick of the mob
Sick of the punch in punch out job
Sick of the day, sick of the night
Sick of being wrong when I want to get it right
Lined up the bait, but I gotta get a bite
Sick of the dark can I get a little light
The way that I come through, with a one two
Like some do with a kung fu
When im confused with a bit of booze
In the cerveau, it occurred though
Officer go, like a turbo,
My verbal hurdles infernal, Internal
yearnings are burning
The steepest curve that im learning;
Keep my head above vermin
Im staying sober for sega
Speak in codes and in layers
Walk on roads they survey us,
Every way leads to chaos
Got the ball and im rolling
I will give you consoling
Know my temperaments golden
All the best lines are stolen
Moving faster and pacing
Absorbing too much information
Secret handshakes of masons
Ancient Roman incantations
Track Name: Spektah Gadjo
Living the life of a hermit
Born to be a bastard
Sailing through the orbits
Ripped to shreds and torn bits
The odour from his armpits
Cover you in vomit
Calling Doctor Carpets
Came out of the bar plastered
Quick to get his arse kicked
Eggs fell out of his basket
Doctors getting alarmist
You shouldnt have got him started
His brain was retarded
When his company parted
Kept his secrets guarded
Left him broken hearted
Living the life of a hermit
Born to be a bastard...

You know cos hes a
Ghost – spektah – stranger – gadjo

Its the Gadjo, running through the streets as a stranger in a
tangle, stop dark looks from the coppers cant
Handle, pressure from the others and the brothers, just
Mangles, and strangles
Its the stray cat, running from the dogs in the alleys quiet
Laid back, really quiet right and polite, but they
Say that, he's never getting out from the trap, but he
Prays that, he’s gonna make that,
Feeling tipsy, drank 8 pints in the bar,
Quiet Risky, stoned on his own with a bone and a whisky,
Now he cant walk , when he talks its lispy, vision misty
Now the barman's barring his road, got the car to go
and hes ready to roll, got the pigs in toe,
and he thinks he knows, no friends just foes,
no highs just lows, go go gadjo
Track Name: Cabin Fever
Two sugars in my morning coffee
Gotta get the yawning of me
Dark dawn is calling on me
Automn leaves are falling on me
Dirty dishes in the sink
Wonder how much did i drink
Checking all the bottles empty
My head told me it was plenty
Lighting my first cigarette
Allen Carr i might forget
Cant face to break the fast
After taste the night of last
Been a long time, yes it is
Better check my messages
Junk mail and news feed
Do abuse and use me
Cars started engine running
Then i put my music humming
I hit the ground running
I think my back is done in
Put on my work face
I earn my salary
I keep a steady pace
I keep my sanity


Theres no majic, hocus pocus
People just dont take no notice
Dont even know why i wrote this
now the darkest day aproaches
Even if i raise a protest
Misty automn fog encroaches
Did my best to be the dopest
Trying not to lose my focus
Postman left me drunk and bills
Thinking ill get drunken ill
If my humours sunken still
Break into my funk and skills
Intersection 32 take
Dont know which direction to take
Whos suggestion get into shape
Now im manifesting blue face
Take my stuff and pack a suitcase
Budget shoe string, hung from boot lace
Got to find something new to taste
When did i become a fruitcake
Come on Tony, break the mono
Im not phony, im not homllow
Im no thief, i merely borrow,
Maybe i need something to follow